How to Create a Clash of Clans CoC Private Server Switcher for Android?

If you are familiar with clash of clans, then you should know the clash of clans private server switcher only helps you to connect with clash of clans server right!! On the other hand, you can able to create your own modded server in your device. Creating an own modded server is not that much complex as like you think. If you would like to create your own server for you, then this section is really for you people.

Do you have an android device? Then, simply follow the below tutorial to create a clash of clans private server.

Creating coc private server for android:

If you have rooted android device, then below steps are for you.

clash of clans private switcher

Step #1:

At first, you need to download of the latest clash of clans private server switcher and extract it to run.

Step #2:

Run the .exe file to start with coc private server for your android device.

Step #3:

Open the command prompt and type ipconfig to get configuration details. And, copy the details of local area connection line and IPv4.

Step #4:

The above procedure is common for any kind of device. Now, you need to download host editor. You have rooted device only, so you can easily download it.

Step #5:

In order to add new host option, you need to click tab + add host button.


Step #6:

You already copied the IPv4 address right!! Fill that address in the IP address field and then simply type ‘’ in the hostname field.

Step #7:

Now click tap + add hostname

Step #8:

After that, uninstall your current clash of clans and download it newly from Google play store to install it again.

That’s all!! You have created the clash of clans private server for your android device.