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Chile's Zoo and Phitosanitary Situation: Overview


In spite of Chile’s comparatively small territory, natural competitive advantages have positioned our country as a major agricultural and food exporter. Chilean agriculture is well protected by natural barriers that prevent pests and diseases reaching and invading our best production areas. While the northern border of Chile’s agricultural areas is protected by the Atacama Desert –the driest desert in the world and more than 800 miles long— its southern border is isolated by glaciers, large areas void of vegetation and the Antartica. The Andes Mountain Range –the largest and highest in the Western Hemisphere— protects Chile on the eastern border. To the West lies the Pacific Ocean that —in addition to favoring agriculture with a moderate Mediterranean climate— erects a natural barrier 3,000 miles long.

Geography, sound environmental conditions and a privileged climate have joined to create unique conditions for agricultural and food production in Chile. These natural competitive advantages, combined with norms and regulations based on science and international standards, and supported by a highly professional Inspection Service –the Agricultural and Livestock Service (S AG)— allow Chile’s agricultural and food exports to reach some of the most demanding markets in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

A dditionally, cooperation on SPS issues with our trading partners has facilitated trade flows and kept international markets open to Chilean exports. For instance, our Inspection Service (S AG) –in cooperation with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ( APHIS) of the United States and the Chilean Exporters Association ( ASOEX)— runs one of the largest pre-clearance programs of the United States, facilitating export flows of fresh produce to the U.S. market. Today, Chilean exporters can ship more than 100 different products to consumers in the United States.

This section provides access to the information you need on all issues concerning animal and plant health in Chile. You will find access to information on our Inspection Service (S AG), norms and regulations, pesticides use and residues control, production and export handbooks and the Joint S AG- APHIS Pre-clearance Program. In addition, you will find information on the products that have been authorized for exports to the United States.

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