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Chilean Economy: Overview

According to the IMF, while Chile’s economy has grown at an average rate of more than 5.9% over the last 18 years, the world economy grew at a rate well below 4% during the same period. Chile’s growth has taken place in the framework of a free economic environment and strong economic indicators such as balanced fiscal accounts, low levels of public debt, low inflation, sound external accounts and high levels of investment and saving.

This free economic and business environment is coupled with a proactive trade policy based on multilateral and regional trade negotiations, as well as bilateral trade agreements signed with the leading world economies. In the last 10 years, Chile has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with –among other countries—Canada, Central American nations, the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, South Korea, Mexico, and the United States. In addition, Chile is also concluding negotiations for a new FTA with New Zealand and Singapore and began negotiations –with similar purposes— with China, Japan and India.

The section that follows provides information, statistical data, an international perspective and experts’ views on the evolution of the Chilean economy. It also directs you to websites of government agencies, business institutions and international organizations that keep and maintain up today economic and business data banks on Chile and the Chilean economy.




“ Chile has an open economy, with clear and stable rules. The country enjoys varied natural resources, skilled labor, first-rate managers and a competent, effective administrative structure. Today’s successes are largely due to the consensus achieved on economic policy. The central pillars of this policy are openness to the world, the market as the chief means of resource allocation, and the State as a regulating and balancing factor”.


Chile, Your Best Bet: Our Economy




“ Chile’s varied climate and topography explain the richness and diversity of its natural resources, which are distributed throughout the country: mineral deposits in the north and central zones. The forests of the center and south give the country its enormous timber potential. Chile’s central zone offers fertile soil for agriculture and ranching. And all along its extensive coastline, rich and varied fish stock abound”.


Chile, Your Best Bet: Productive Sectors




“Political and social stability, together with the existence of open and competitive markets, guarantee a secure business environment. Stable and transparent rules, an efficient and independent judiciary and a dynamic and innovative private sector –which constitutes the main engine of growth— are all factors that further enhance the country's position as an extremely competitive economy”.


Chile, Your Best Bet: Invest in Chile!




“Since 1990, Chile has consolidated its position as an attractive international partner by building an extensive network of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)… The negotiation and implementation of these agreements have gone ahead in the conviction that greater openness to trade and regional integration are effective tools for achieving higher levels of development”.


Chile, Your Best Bet: Chile a Global Trader


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