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The negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Chile and the United States concluded in December 2002 and the Treaty entered into force in January 2004. This Agreement has paved the way for increasing bilateral trade and it has created new business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. During the first year of the FTA, U.S. exports to Chile expanded by 32% while shipments from the latter to the U.S. market grew at a rate of more than 30%.

Chilean agriculture offers a world of opportunities: this new electronic platform provides –at the touch of a button— access to key information on the agricultural sector, the food industry, production and trade figures, as well as contacts with leading trade associations, producers and exporters. We also provide information on food safety and security, health regulations and norms, business environment and business opportunities in Chilean agriculture, the food industry and forestry. In sum, this website contains all you need to know about investing in Chilean agribusiness or importing food and agricultural products from our country.

This project is still under construction. Please let us know if you are disappointed because you do not find the right information or the contacts you need for your business operations. Our objective is to promote bilateral trade and investment in Chile and to facilitate contacts with our business community.


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